'En Mí' by Jesse Chacón, the urban promise of La Palma, is already playing on all platforms

'En Mí' by Jesse Chacón, the urban promise of La Palma, is already playing on all platforms
Jesse Chacón, a new promise in the Canary Islands' urban music scene, hailing from La Palma, has given life to the song 'En Mí,' already released on all platforms, including a music video. It will be part of an upcoming project with a summery touch and a variety of musical styles.

'En Mí' was produced by Jesse himself (@jesse.chaconn), in collaboration with Pablo Caramés (@frekkledd) and Javier Pérez (@lesaintlouest), and features the collaboration of Marcos Garcinuño (@808mafu). All of them are part of Nice Click, a collective of multidisciplinary talents based in Madrid, who are starting to make their mark on the young audience.

The song, which premiered on Spotify and other digital platforms, was composed a year ago, and its music video was filmed last summer in Tenerife. It has been matured over this time to be released on the eve of summer 2022.
The trap-style song with touches of R&B combines Spanish and English lyrics, speaking about the young Canary Islander's dream of succeeding in his musical style, crossing island borders, "having faith in my team, taking them on tour, leaving here." The chorus delivers a clear message to every young person who believes in themselves: "Now it's up to me."

Over the past year, Jesse Chacón has shown fruitful creative ability, already having several musical tracks under his belt that have caught attention in the challenging and growing urban music circuit. Songs like '00:00 AM' and 'Red Pill' are included in an EP called 'Blunder.'

He is even starting to perform live on important stages, following his recent debut in a venue in Madrid in front of a hundred people. On June 25th, Jesse Chacón will open for Rasel in Madrid, and on August 18th, he will perform on his island, opening the impressive lineup of the ResisTIME Live Fest, where none other than the Argentine star DUKI will be present, along with Cruz Cafuné, Recycled J, and Juicy Bae.