'ResisTIME' is born

'ResisTIME' is born
A total of 10 days of events, taking place from August 18th to 27th, make up the new ResisTIME Live Fest, which is emerging as the most powerful and important youth event ever held in La Palma. As part of the 2022 Bajada del Pino Festivities in El Paso, it will host up to 3 major concerts featuring 10 top-notch artists, such as DUKI, Hombres G, Dvicio, Lalo Ebratt, and Marc Seguí. Additionally, for the first time on the island, it will host the grand gamers' party, the first Lan Party in La Palma (from August 19th to 22nd).
This new festival created for the younger generations provides an opportunity for the youth to enjoy and believe in their own island, to make use of a space that confronts the significant challenges faced by the daily life of Valle de Aridane and the families striving to maintain their roots and ensure a prosperous future for these young people.

'ResisTIME' is a festival born from private initiative, with the support of various administrations and companies, and its overall purpose and complete agenda of events will be presented in the coming days. It is born within the framework of the Bajada de Nuestra Señora del Pino Festivities, in a very special edition for the municipality, aiming to revitalize social, cultural, and economic life after the impact caused by the volcanic eruption.

For the El Paso City Council, it is vital to maintain the connection of adolescents to the municipality, which is why the town has become a reference point for the youth of La Palma and the Canary Islands after many years of work.

Mayor Sergio Rodríguez and Councilor Irinova Hernández applaud the fact that "social, commercial, cultural, and touristic revitalization initiatives for La Palma, such as the one being presented, find a solid and active space in our municipality, allowing their development and positioning us as a reference point for the residents, especially the youth upon whom the development of this town depends." They clarify, "These projects make us stronger and help us respond to a part of the population that has been forgotten throughout this long and complex process of recovering our way of life and our future."

"This event will not only revitalize and provide a high-quality leisure space but also help young people affected by the volcano to develop their ideas, their projects, and dispel the notion that these generations will have no opportunities. On the contrary, La Palma, and more specifically El Paso, is indeed a space for opportunities and entrepreneurs," adds Rodríguez himself.
DUKI, 'from the end of the World'

The first of the great highlights of the event will be the exclusive opening concert in the Canary Islands (August 18th), featuring an impressive Latin star: DUKI, the most listened-to Argentine artist in the world (as reported by 'Rolling Stone'). He will be accompanied by two other prominent voices in the urban music scene in Spain: Cruz Cafuné from Tenerife and Recycled J from Madrid, as well as the talent of Juicy Bae from Seville and a new urban music promise from La Palma, Jesse Chacón.

A fact that sums up what DUKI represents in the current music industry: 5.5 BILLION (with a B) streams on Spotify and Youtube. Those are the numbers of one of the biggest Latin singers on the international scene.
34 years later, Hombres G, back in El Paso

Saturday, August 27th, will be an unforgettable night for El Paso and the rest of La Palma. Taking the stage at ResisTIME will be one of the most beloved bands in Spain over the past 35 years, the unforgettable Hombres G.

It was precisely in August 1988 when they performed that "daring" concert in the heart of El Paso, 34 years ago. Those who were able to enjoy it will have the opportunity to reconnect this coming summer with one of the most powerful live performances in Spanish pop-rock, featuring the unmistakable voice of David Summers.

The band will close the festival with their impressive live show and great anthems like "Sufre Mamón," "Marta tiene un marcapasos," and "Venezia."
Dvicio, Marc Seguí, and Lalo Ebratt: three unstoppable phenomena

On the day before, Friday, August 26th, the stage will bring together three of the most powerful artists in today's pop music scene, who lead the charts on national and international music platforms and media. They are Dvicio, Lalo Ebratt, and Marc Seguí.

Dvicio has established themselves as one of the essential bands in Spanish festivals, with great hits and musical collaborations that have dominated the charts in recent years. Lalo Ebratt is one of the most listened-to Latin artists due to his numerous collaborations in globally recognized songs, with artists such as Juanes, Reik, Maluma, Raw Alejandro, Tini, and Lola Índigo. As for Marc Seguí, his name alone brings to mind his hit song that became a musical phenomenon in the past year. "Tiroteo" topped the charts for many weeks and has been sung in households across the country.

These three phenomena will have Julia Debis, a great musical promise from La Palma, as their opening act.

Tickets are already on sale at the following link: https://www.tomaticket.es/es-es/artista/resistime-live-fest