Success caught David Summers, Rafa Gutiérrez, Daniel Mezquita and Javi Molina unawares, forcing them to deal with angry masses for a good part of the 1980s and later evolving, yes, like those from Liverpool, from the adolescent pop of its beginnings towards more personal.

In 1982 they made their first concert debut under the name “Los Bonitos Redford” at the legendary Rock-Ola venue in Madrid and a year later they signed with a record company and began to call themselves “Hombres G”, a name from an American film noir, G-Men. The band's first album became a Gold Record in a few months until it exceeded 400,000 copies sold. In 1987 they began to make themselves known in South America and were nominated for the Miami Bravo Awards in three categories. His songs led to the creation of autobiographical films such as “Sufre Mamón” or “Suéltate el pelo”. In 1992 they take a ten-year break and return to give concerts in Spain, Latin America and the United States until today.


Hombres G - La Esquina de Rowland (Vídeo Oficial)

Hombres G - Antes de ti (Vídeo Oficial)

Hombres G - Se Me Sale El Corazón ft. Carlos Rivera (Vídeo Oficial)