The tradition of the Descent of the Virgin of El Pino features in its announcement poster

The tradition of the Descent of the Virgin of El Pino features in its announcement poster
The municipality of El Paso chose yesterday, Friday, through a competition, the poster that will represent the Descent of the Virgin of El Pino 2022, which takes place in August of this year, being the special edition that was delayed due to the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

The winning poster shines purely for its tradition, just what the festivities needed in this special return. Thus, the poster marks the beginning of the festive year in the municipality. Using the technique of photomontage and subsequent editing, the image has been created in which a pilgrim holds a picture of the Virgin of El Pino close to his heart. This gesture, no less than affectionate and kind, is a symbol of the love towards the Mother who descends to her city every three years, carried on the shoulders in a pilgrimage.

The central figure of the pilgrim dressed in traditional Canarian attire refers not only to the pilgrimage itself but also to the moment when all the people from La Palma can dress in traditional clothing again and eagerly join La Virgen in her descent after years of uncertainty.

In the topographic composition, the concept of "descent" is present through two of the icons of the city of El Paso: The Pine Tree of the Virgin and the tower of the Church of Nuestra Señora de Bonanza.

The result maintains a visually pleasing compositional scheme, harmonizing with a color palette based on three colors that define the poster, along with other graphic elements that collectively contribute to representing the celebration.

It is worth noting that this year the 'resisTIME' event will also be premiered, featuring various concerts with national and international artists, a LanParty with tournaments and prizes for participants, and many other activities dedicated to the youth of the island.